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I started cleaning to add a second income to my household in 2006.  As the calls for the cleaning service started to be more consistent, I started cleaning full time on referrals alone. The company grew very quickly once word got out that I did not use harsh cleaning chemicals as, at that time I was only using products labelled “Green” or “environmentally friendly”.

Within 6 months I incorporated my company and called it “Chem Free Cleaning” to market myself as distinct for anyone who had chemical sensitivities.  My grandparents settled here 65 years ago and created very *solid business roots, so felt strongly that I should continue to focus on the Okotoks and Foothills areas.

Around 2010, now acquiring employees, I did more research on the products my Chem Free cleaning company was using. Were these truly “Green”, “environmentally friendly” cleaning products?  No. They were not.  I came to the realization that I needed to consider creating my own product. I put my “no name” cleaners to the test on my home, as well as my clientele’s. My clients started asking where they could buy the products I was using.  I began marketing under the label, “One Three Tree”:   mind, body and spirit represents Three, Tree represents our mother earth.

I approached the local health stores and because I have an amazing and supportive community, they took my products. But I wanted everyone to have an alternative choice of products they expose to their family. So I thought I would approach my locally owned grocery store.  The owner was right on board.
When it came to expansions with the cleaning service and now, the cleaning product line, I needed some education, guidance and of course, working capital. I met with our local Community Futures and explained my plan. The entire staff were supportive and lovely.  Recently, I have benefitted from attending learning seminars that have been set up for budding entrepreneurs. Community Futures Highwood knows my company, my dreams, aspirations and my name when I walk in the door!

I am on to my next venture with both Chem Free Cleaning & One Three Tree. With Community Futures assistance I was able to buy my ingredients in much larger quantities.  I have provided samples to groceries, pet stores, clinics, restaurants, hotels, fitness centers, and car detailing locations. The list is endless!!

Being an entrepreneur takes patience, insight, persistence and faith in your company/product.  I have learned my strengths and gained from my weaknesses. Support, love and faith from my family and friends is very important, but when you have your entire community behind you as well, it truly makes your heart a whole lot fuller!

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