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Marketing Tools for Business Owners

There are many affordable marketing tools that small business owners can use to level up their promotions! We have compiled a list of some of these tools that you can try to improve your marketing and brand image.



If you haven’t already heard of it before, Canva is a free web-based design tool that you can use to make absolutely anything. They provide tons of free templates to give you inspiration, and also offer the option to design something from scratch. With templates for logos, social media, documents, prints and more you can’t go wrong with this amazing website! Canava offers free tutorials and courses that teach you everything from how to use the platform, branding, design and marketing.


Cell Phone

Often the best tool for the job is one that you already have at your disposal, with technology constantly evolving, iPhones have become a great way to capture photos and videos for marketing. iPhones have made it easy to instantly point and shoot when an opportunity arises, but also allows for further utilization of the device to take stunning product photos. You can also elevate this tool using some of the other tools outlined below.


Ring Light

Ring lights serve as a complementary tool to your iPhone (or camera) by lessening shadows and diffusing light evenly across its subjects and elevates your look. If you are currently taking your own marketing photos, you know how hard it can be to find the right lighting without your shadow cast over your subject. There are many different kind of ring lights that you can utilize, including ones that clip on to your phone or computer, ones with built in stand and tripods. All are great options, depending on what you intend to use them for. Here are two that we found on Amazon:

Ring light with tripod stand

Clip on ring light



If you don’t get a ring light, we would suggest getting a tripod to start as it is a great way for you to go hands free when you are taking photos as they usually come with a Bluetooth remote you can use to capture images. This makes the process so much easier and allows you the freedom to rearrange items that are in frame! Here is one we found on Amazon:

60-inch tripod



The last item on our list can make the biggest difference, using a backdrop which may seem like such a small detail to some can completely transform your images. Consistency across product photos helps to elevate your branding and make your brand recognizable. The backdrops we have included in this article are plain white ones (and we have included a tablecloth as well because it is more affordable, and everyone has to start somewhere, right?) but feel free to opt for something that aligns most with your brand! You can switch it up for something that is hot pink, marble or even iridescent if that is more your style.

10x12 foot backdrop

Waterproof tablecloth

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