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Thomas Evans, the proud owner of Evans Carpet Care, has overcome numerous challenges to reclaim his passion for the carpet cleaning industry. His story is one of determination, family support, and the assistance of Community Futures. With renewed vigor and a deep commitment to providing exceptional service, Evans Carpet Care is thriving.

Thomas's journey began when he worked for Pro Kleen Carpet Care. After seven years, the owner sold the company to Thomas when his ex-partner and he parted ways. Thomas successfully ran the business for another seven years. However, when his mother fell ill, he had to leave jobs repeatedly to care for her. Eventually, he had to step away entirely. A setback came in the form of a head injury, which prevented Thomas from working. Nevertheless, a return-to-work representative informed him that he could still work for himself and continue the carpet cleaning profession he excelled at. The prospect of having control over his hours and workload led Thomas to reignite his passion for carpet cleaning and resurrect Evans Carpet Care.

Despite emotional moments in the van, with memories of his mother receiving cancer treatments at the Thomas Baker Cancer Center, Thomas found solace in hearing positive remarks about his work. His mother, overhearing strangers praising the amazing young man and the company he owned, couldn't help but giggle with pride, revealing that the young man they were discussing was her son. This emotional connection and the desire to excel for his family became a driving force for Thomas to return to his craft. “Now I have the push, the desire to get back at it. And it was something I was good at. I was able to do it in my sleep, my last two jobs have been a referral from one person I just did a job for that said it was amazing, so you know it’s stuff like that that really helps with my confidence and the whole situation with the injury.”

Financial challenges, equipment maintenance, physical limitations, and emotional hurdles all presented themselves. The equipment, which had sat unused for nearly a decade, required extensive repairs. Financially, Thomas needed significant support. Physically, he had to test his abilities and regain his stride. Emotionally, he faced ongoing hurdles that he continues to work through. Fortunately, the assistance of Community Futures played a crucial role in his journey. Their financial support enabled him to bring the equipment up to par and set the wheels in motion, as well as ongoing coaching and support through the Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program. “I’ve used a lot of the [Community Futures] programs and everyone that I have had to deal with has been absolutely amazing!”

Today, Evans Carpet Care is flourishing. With a steadily increasing clientele and a growing reputation for exceptional service, the business is thriving as expected. Thomas receives daily calls, emails, and text messages from prospective customers eager to experience the outstanding service his company provides. The evidence of their success is reflected in the five-star reviews on Google and the positive referrals pouring in. “I try to be as perfect as possible, and sometimes you just can’t be. Carpets really are a finicky thing, and so are the stains.”

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14 McRae Street
PO Box 1599
Okotoks, AB  T1S 1B5
P: 403-995-4151


Communities Served

Aldersyde, Blackie, Carmangay, Cayley, De Winton, Diamond Valley, Foothills County, High River, Kananaskis Improvement District, Lomond, Longview, MD of Willow Creek, Millarville, Milo, Mossleigh, Nanton, Okotoks, Priddis, Vulcan, and Vulcan County.